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Lost Safe Combinations

If you have lost your safe combination it can be a pain. We all put valuable things in our safes and when we cant get to them it can be very daunting.

Most Safes have a method to reset manually like the one shown to the right that generally only requires us as the locksmith in the situation to gain access, it should be simple right? Absolutely however there are so many safes and

unfortunately note every one of them has a manual reset feature.

Safes like Browning commonly purchased at Cabela's, (as shown on the right) do not have reset feature if you loose your code due to the fact you need your code to reset the safe.

So what do you do if you have lost your code to this expensive Gun Safe? You will need your locksmith to verify your purchase and safe numbers as well as write a formal report on the safe with a company letter head to browning and then according to the safes number they will give us a reset code.

While we strongly encourage customers not to loose there combinations we will be here when you do.

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